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Who has a laminator in her craft room?  This girl does!  With a room full of paper cutters, ribbon, paints, fabric, and glue there is always a project idea spinning in my head.  Having a plethora of crafting items means there are no boundaries to what our family can create.  Happiness is handmade!

me with girls

My daughters are my sunshines.  They are mistaken as twins quite often, which makes sense because they are 15 months and 3 weeks apart in age.  Yes, that’s close.  I am not a happy pregnant person.  My husband and I knew knew we wanted two kids and having them close together when I could nap when the first baby napped was how we wanted to have children. Height wise, Big Sister is in the 50th percentile and Little Sister is in the 80th percentile, which means there is about an inch the separates them.

girls together dinner

Since the girls have been itty bitty we have busted out our craft supplies and used our imaginations on a regular basis.  Our family has gained so many benefits by crafting, but the biggest gift is the time we spend together.

atlanta georgia

I am currently a stay at home mom residing in the northern suburbs or Atlanta, Georgia.  I hold an expired teaching license in the field of Special Education.  While teaching is one of my passions, staying at home with my girls is my number one priority.  It seems like just yesterday I was changing diapers and waiting for baby teeth to grow.  Now we are counting the times that the Tooth Fairy has come to visit.  I do not want to miss one single moment of my girls growing up.  In addition to crafting I love saving money and blog at Coupons Are Great.

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