Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet Craft

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Flowers that last forever make a great homemade Mother’s Day gift.  Combine a tissue paper paper craft with a handprint craft and many moms’ hearts will melt.  This is a bouquet of flowers that can be displayed year after year and don’t need to be watered.  It’s win-win!

tissue paper flower bouquet gift for mom

Here is what you will need to make a Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

  • Construction paper – one color for the background and green for stems (12×18 is great for this project)
  • Skin colored construction paper  – you can purchase this at your local craft store
  • Tissue paper.  Purchasing precut Tissue Paper Squares will save you a lot of time
  • Glue – liquid glue is better than a glue stick for this project
  • Scissors

multicultural skin colored construction paper

To create this simple Mother’s Day craft cut several thin green strips that will serve as the stems.  Six is a great number of stems for a 12×18 piece of paper.  Using tissue paper that is cut into small squares, have your child crumple them into little wads or wrinkles.  Glue the tissue paper onto the top of the flower stems.  Your child’s personality will really show here.  Some children will only put a few tissue paper flowers on their project while others will fill the paper with the biggest bouquet they could possibly make.  Using skin toned construction paper the child will trace his/her arm and hand and cut that out.  That hand will then be glued across the stems of the flowers so it looks like the hands are handing the flowers to you.

tissue paper squares

This craft would be great to give a grandparent as well.  Other fun places to display this craft are a nursing home or office.  Really, the possibilities are endless!

construction paper flowers for mom

Do you have a favorite Mother’s Day craft to share?  I would love to see a photo.

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