Back to School: First Day of School Morning Celebrations

Heading back to school after a long summer is a momentous occasion.  It can be very hard waking up super early to head to a classroom full of kids and a teacher you may not know.  Have some first day of school morning celebrations is a great way to make your kids smile.  Our first day of school starts with doorway streamers and balloons.  After my girls are asleep the night before school I stand in the hallway and tape streamers and balloons to their closed bedroom doors.  When they wake up in the morning they will feel like Rocky, so you may want to play a little Eye of the Tiger to start the day off perfectly.

first day of school morning celebration streamer

Planning a First Day of School Morning Celebration

What You’ll Need

  • Balloons
  • Streamers
  • Tape
  • First Day of School Printables or handwritten/homemade signs
  • Confetti
  • Special Breakfast Ingredients (Whatever your special breakfast is….waffles, pancakes, Cookie Crisp…it’s a special day….so it calls for a special breakfast)

Make the First Day of School Memorable

While your kids are asleep the night before school, hang streamers and balloons to their door.  This is totally like a beaded curtain from an era before I was born, but cheaper and easier to recycle!  The balloons added to the top of the door is the finishing touch, but if you don’t have balloons, don’t sweat it!

After walking through a streamer shower head downstairs to have a fun breakfast.  Maybe it’s a breakfast bar and you break out some candy (gasp!  It’s ok, it’s the first day of school) or you make a homemade Belgian waffle breakfast with all your family’s favorite toppings.  Our special breakfast is waffles with whipped cream and fresh fruit….and bacon too!

Tuck a Back to School note or lunch box joke printable in your child’s lunch box or backpack.


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